Mission & Philosophy

Founded in 2006, Music Kids exists to enrich and improve student development by bringing musical instrument education programs into the local school environment.  We passionately believe that the study of a musical instrument should be an integral part of every child’s learning experience, right from the start.

Our belief is confirmed by research which shows that the study of a musical instrument during childhood (especially between the ages of 3-7) is the single most powerful way to promote neurological brain development. It has also been shown to enhance verbal ability, mathematical reasoning, mood and self-esteem.

For more information see: Brain Development | Behavioral Effects

Our Suzuki-inspired teaching method is designed to foster creativity and analytical skill in students as young as three years old.  We believe in an Integrated Approach to music education, where lessons are a natural part of a student’s Academic Life, Social Life, and Family Life.  By unlocking the innate expressive potential of each child, we play a vital role in their academic development.

For more information see: Kid Centric | The Integrated Way

Music Kids is guided by a very specific philosophy, namely that the exposure to beauty is not a luxury but a human necessity. The key to successful music education lies not only in technical excellence but in the ability of teachers to instill and cultivate a love of beautiful music in their students.

For more information see: “The Whole Person”

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