The Integrated Way

At Music Kids we believe in an integrated approach to music education, where instrumental lessons are not just an asterisk in a student’s life, or something to be crammed in with karate and soccer and everything else. Our lessons are a natural part of the student’s life in three distinct ways:

Academic Life. Lessons are integrated into a student’s academic life: part of their school day, part of their school program. We passionately believe that every child should have the study of a musical instrument as an integral part of their native learning environment right from the start. Children perceive in-school instrument study with an entirely different attitude than they do if studied in the evenings or on weekends. They treat it just like one of their other school subjects, so their success with the instrument is dramatically improved — and so are the parent’s attempts at getting them to practice at home!

Social Life. Our lessons are not held with a group of people that they will never see again, but with their natural friends, with their natural peers in school.  This has a profound effect on their approach to studying the instrument, their self-image, and their behavioral development.  Instead of socially identifying based on what they LIKE (SpongeBob, Star Wars, the other usual suspects…), they identify based on what they DO:  they identify as young musicians among their peers, and their self-confidence is greatly enhanced.

Family Life. Families aren’t just passive observers in the Music Kids learning experience, but are active participants.  They participate in the process and journey of their child’s music education, helping to facilitate at-home practicing and mini-recitals for family and friends.  Teachers communicate regularly with parents to keep them fully connected to the experience, empowering them to practice with their child at home.  Parents are not required to attend lessons, but are welcome and encouraged to do so if possible.

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