Creative Expression

The Importance of Expression
In the world of education, we often tend to speak of children as vessels into which we pour information and skill sets.  More important than the information we impart, however, is the ability and ease with which a child expresses ideas and concepts.

Creative expression is the only way to ensure 100% engagement of the learner, and should be at the center of a child’s education experience.  As opposed to moving down a straight set of tasks and regulations (like working out an equation, for example), creative expression allows one to take complete ownership of their craft, and to share their unique creations with others.

Tools and Techniques
Instrumental instruction provides students the tools, techniques, and confidence needed to create something special.  Students add to their “creativity toolbox” concepts including pitch, rhythm, tone, volume, melody, harmony, and stage presence.  With these tools, even when playing a common song, a child is empowered to create a performance that is wholly theirs and theirs alone.

Creating the next Steve Jobs
Our nation’s most successful leaders and innovators are those who have the tools and confidence to make something bold and unique, and who can realize that vision with thoughtful and focused effort.  Instead of becoming drones well adept at following orders, we should prize the inner potential of every child to express, lead and innovate.

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