Weekly Lessons

The heart of the Music Kids program is our weekly on-site lessons…

What happens in the lessons
Lessons are where the child learns the key to a lifetime of fun and enjoyment making music—mastery of their instrument. The child learns to become completely comfortable with the instrument and how to obtain a beautiful tone from it. One develops the technical skills that are the necessary precondition for being able to make music with others.

The very first lesson
On their very first lesson, whether the student is 3 or 13, they do not need to bring any knowledge of music or theory along with them. We start from the beginning: teaching them how to recognize and imitate pitch, rhythm, and melodies with their bodies and with their instrument. Our instruction is always, always age-appropriate — we believe in engaging students exactly where they are.  (For more information, see Kid Centric)

Format & Structure
The program runs the full length of the academic year and is divided into two semesters, Fall and Spring, starting near the beginning of the school calendar and going all the way up to the end. In addition to monthly Group Classes, each student receives approximately 28 weekly lessons per academic year, depending on the school calendar. Enrollment is open all year, though we strongly encourage new students to start at the beginning of the Fall or Spring semester along with their classmates. During the summer break, a separate session with flexible scheduling is available at most schools.  (For more information, see the “MK At My School” link up and to the left).

The Pod Program
At many Music Kids partner schools, lessons happen in what we call the Pod environment, where two or sometimes three children receive their instruction together simultaneously. This particular approach to teaching the instrument allows the instructor to unlock all the benefits of what we like to call “Pod partner learning,” where students learn not only from the teacher but from each other. Students are inspired to progress together with their Pod partners, yet we are still able to maintain a high level of individualized instruction. Over the years we have found that this format of instruction works extraordinarily well (much better, in fact) and allows us to keep the cost of the program much more affordable for parents. (To learn what program format is available at your school, see the “MK At My School” link up and to the left).

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