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Parental Participation

As a Music Kids parent, you own the precious responsibility of creating an environment that fosters your child’s development of talent, skill, discipline, expressiveness, and joy. As a team of faculty and staff, we at Music Kids offer to assist you in this endeavor.

Parents are invited and encouraged to attend weekly classes and groups as often as possible (where the school permits), but it’s not required. Even if you can only rarely attend, you should come as often as your family/work schedule allows.

We video record the last five minutes of each student’s class, which parents can then view on a private and secure YouTube link provided by the teacher.  This is a revolutionary new way to stay connected to your student’s classes!  Parents should plan to make time to view this five minute video each week within a day or two of posting, whether on your computer or mobile device.

Parental involvement also involves regularly doing the homework for the program with your children. Our faculty and staff will provide you and your student all of the exercises, activities, tips and support you need to successfully accomplish the homework with your student. We recommend connecting their instrument homework with their other school subjects, as advised by your teacher.

You DO NOT need to be a musical genius to help out at home—your teacher will help you! No prior musical experience is necessary. You will have the opportunity to learn alongside your student in a very streamlined and effective way.


You will be offered some possible times from which you will be given a permanent weekly class schedule for the semester. Parents who sign-up but cannot be given an agreeable class time will not be charged. For scheduling specifics at your school, please see MK at My School.

When groups are incorporated at your school they will take place, on average, once a month. These classes may or may not fall on the same day as your child’s weekly class. A schedule will be provided each year by your Music Kids faculty member.

The Music Kids program offers year round instruction divided up into school year and summer sessions.  Details about the different types of classes we offer during the summer months of June, July and August will be made available during the spring session.  For information about scheduling at your specific school, please see Music Kids at Your School.

A program holiday is a week in which the Music Kids program does not offer any classes. Music Kids is unique in its ability to accommodate the specific scheduling requirements of your school so you will not be faced with the inconvenience of bringing your child to a class on a day that the school is closed. Our motto is: “When school is in session, you have a lesson.”  Check your school’s website for all program holidays.


The Music Kids academic year program includes 28 weeks of classes that take place October 1st through May 31st.  The tuition for these 28 weeks is billed in 9 even installments (monthly). Tuition can also be paid in full (annually) or in two installments (semesterally). All tuition paid annually or semesterally will receive a 3% discount off the total tuition. If a student registers part-way through the school year, their first installment is pro-rated for the number of weeks which have already past.

The schedule for each of the 3 different installment plans is as follows:

1. October 3rd
2. November 3rd
3. December 3rd
4. January 3rd
5. February 3rd
6. March 3rd
7. April 3rd
8. May 3rd
9. June 3rd*
1. October 3rd**
2. February 3rd
1. October 3rd**

*The 9th and final installment is when we assess any credits due to cancelations (as discussed above).  This is why it’s processed at the beginning of June, after all 28 weeks of classes have been completed by the end of May.

**If you start mid-year the first installment for annual and semesteral payment plans will be processed on the 3rd of the upcoming month.

Music Kids processes tuition payments electronically through one of the 4 major credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover).  If you would like your tuition to be paid from your checking account simply use the Visa Check Card associated with the bank account you’d like to make payments from when registering for the program. Music Kids teachers and office staff are not able to accept cash or personal checks.

Even though the number of classes in a given month can fluctuate depending on the number of weeks in that month (e.g. January often has 5 weeks of classes whereas December often has only 2), the monthly installment stays the same because it’s based on the entire school year’s 28 weeks of classes. Pre-Scheduled school holidays do not cause the tuition to fluctuate either because they are not included in the 28 weeks that classes take place.

Late payment due to credit card decline will result in a fee of $25 per student per week overdue. Parents will receive an email notification right away from Music Kids if a decline has taken place. A grace period of 1 week will be given for parents to respond and update their payment information before any fees are posted. Lessons will be discontinued after tuition is more than four weeks overdue and we have not heard back from the parent. Classes will resume (if the class slot is still available) once the outstanding balance has been paid in full. To update your payment information, please click “Login” at the very top of this page, or contact us at or 202-505-2341.

Experience shows that learning a musical instrument, especially when the child is quite young, requires some patience over time as well as a constant awareness of the common challenges that may arise either when beginning to learn the instrument or during the ups and downs of advancing each year. It is for this reason that we ask parents to plan to enroll their children for the duration of one academic year at a time, as certain challenges often take several months to identify and several more to work on overcoming. If you experience challenges, please communicate these right away to your teacher so that he/she may help you with advice, perspective, and specific suggestions. What may seem insurmountable in one moment can almost always be addressed by your experienced teacher in ways that you might not have considered.

However, extenuating circumstances may require discounting before the end of the year and so a parent may discontinue from the program at any time so long as they provide Music Kids with one-month’s notice at the end of a given month. If the parent paid for tuition in advance on an annual or semesteral payment plan, they will be refunded for all remaining weeks on the program’s calendar. Students who discontinue within four months (120 days) of their first class of the school year are subject to a $150 early discontinuation fee.  Upon discontinuation, all instruments must be safely and promptly returned to Music Kids before a refund will be processed.

If you are enrolling multiple siblings in the program, you receive a 10% discount for every student after your first (example: your first student is normal tuition, but your second and third students both receive a 10% tuition discount).

If you or your spouse is on the full-time Faculty or full-time Staff at your partner school, your student may be eligible for a 10% tuition discount.  Please email us at

Unless you announce prior to the beginning of a new academic year that your child will not be continuing in the Music Kids Program, we will be happy to automatically enroll you in the program for the upcoming year.  (Don’t worry: we will always find a mutually agreeable class time for the new year before billing anything.)  This way, parents do not have to worry about providing all their information over again every year.  The same class times for returning students are not guaranteed, though Music Kids will give returning students scheduling priority where possible.

Cancelations & Credits

If a teacher has to cancel a class, or if the school has to unexpectedly cancel one, the teacher will attempt to schedule a make-up class for these cancelations before the end of May. If one of these classes cannot be made-up, then the student’s account will be given the canceled class credit of $35 Individual Program/$20 Pod Program for each incomplete class. This credit will be provided at the end of the school year (see billing policies below for more).

Since Music Kids Faculty Members are only able to be on-campus during certain days and times, there are no make-up classes or credits available for student absences, including instances of student illness, vacation, etc.  Similar to policies at most schools, if your child is ill or away on a certain school day, we hope they feel better soon and look forward to seeing them at their following class.  You can certainly contact your child’s Music Kids Faculty Member for advice about at-home practicing and progress during this time.

If a teacher has to cancel a group classes in a given month, it will be rescheduled to another week.  If a total of 8 groups are not held by the end of the school year, then the student’s account will be given the canceled class credit of $15 for each incomplete group.  This credit will be provided at the end of the school year (see billing policies below for more).

There are no credits given for missed groups on the part of the student. Students need to participate in at least two of the last three group classes in order to perform any group pieces with their class during the recital. If you have to miss a group class, please give your teacher advance notice so they know how best to prepare for the class based on the total number of students who will be in attendance.

Music Kids abides by the decisions of your school in the case of inclement weather or other extreme conditions. If you suspect a school closing or a delay, check your school’s website or call them to confirm. If the school is in fact closed for the day or on a delay, all of the Music Kids activities scheduled for that day (or period of time) will be canceled. We will attempt to make-up any extreme weather days at the end of the school year, if there are additional weeks available in the school year above and beyond the 28 weeks that comprise the program’s tuition. This will include any extra weeks the school might remain open after the last day of school on account of the inclement weather closings and delays.

Instrument Rentals

Music Kids staff will measure the student’s proper instrument size at the earliest possible school event, or on the day of their first lesson. As students grow, they will need to receive a larger instrument from time to time.  These scheduled “Move Up!” times occur at the beginning of each school semester, including summer.  If your teacher determines that your student needs a larger instrument, the change will be made at one of these times.  When your student trades in their instrument for a bigger size, a small $10 charge will be posted to the student’s account in order to facilitate getting the instruments there and back.

For your first instrument, once measured it will take about 2 to 3 classes before you’ll receive the instrument. Having a few classes without the instrument is a normal part of our pedagogy.  While the instrument is en route we begin developing ear training and rhythm competency.  Usually, the instrument will be delivered to your student directly by the teacher. Occasionally, instrument pickup is available at your school, or in some cases may be shipped directly to your home.  If an instrument is shipped directly to you, the student should refrain from opening the instrument case before first meeting with the teacher, as this allows the teacher to introduce the instrument and develop good habits for how to handle the instrument from the beginning. If an instrument is shipped to you, please retain the box and packing materials, as this will serve as your method for return shipment during “Move Ups!”.

Unless the instrument you’ve chosen is an “at school only” instrument, students take their instruments home with them each week so they can do their homework before the next class. At home, students are expected to refrain from running with their instruments, swinging the instrument, and leaving the instrument unattended outside of its case.  Parents should remember not to leave the instrument in the car for more than a few minutes on a hot or cold day. Whenever walking with an instrument, a student should be in “rest position,” as shown by their teacher. With stringed instruments, the bow hair should never be touched, except with rosin, as directed by the teacher.  If you would like for a younger sibling to have the experience of handling the instrument, it should be done under your direct supervision.

A favorite part of the Music Kids Program with parents when it comes to instruments is the fact that your tuition includes instrument insurance, in case anything unfortunate should happen during use.  The insurance included covers any major repair costs needed up to $150 per academic year.  If repairs exceed this amount, the insurance also includes 1 full replacement of your instrument (and bow if you play a stringed instrument) per academic year. Certain minor repairs or adjustments may be made by the teacher during the lesson at no cost, including bridge adjustment and occasional string replacement. Please contact your teacher right away if any damage has taken place, and we’ll take care of it right away! Music Kids instruments should not be repaired by any third party or local music shop.

Instrument rental (for most instruments) is an included part of the Music Kids experience.  In order for a family-owned instrument to be considered, it must be approved by your student’s Music Kids teacher at their sole discretion for proper sizing and instrument quality.  In these cases, students may be eligible to receive a one-time credit on their first installment, while the subsequent installments remain the same.  This one-time credit for violins and guitars is $80, and for $150 for cellos.

Other materials may be requested by your child’s specific teacher (books, teaching aids, instrument accessories, etc), which will vary depending on the student and school. All books and supplies needed will be billed for additionally through Music Kids, so you typically don’t have to worry about tracking anything down yourself. When a new book needs to be ordered in for your student, your teacher will let you know what’s needed, and we’ll easily add that to the upcoming tuition installment.  This typically amounts to only a few inexpensive student books per school year.

Liability & Likeness Release

By enrolling in the Music Kids Program parents agree that neither Music Kids, nor any Music Kids teacher, shall be liable for any damages or injury to the student, or any other person, or to any property on the premises of the participating school and the parent agrees to hold Music Kids and the participating school harmless from any claims for damages, no matter how caused.

By enrolling in the Music Kids program, parents and guardians authorize Music Kids and its staff to use, publish, distribute, and copyright photographs, video recordings, or other portraits or likenesses of the student, in which the child may be included in whole or in part, for lawful use on Music Kids’ website and printed materials, in both present editions and future editions.  Music Kids will refrain from printing the full name of the child in connection with the aforementioned likenesses, unless explicitly authorized by the parent.  Parents and guardians who enroll in the Music Kids program release Music Kids from any claims that may arise regarding the use of the child’s image, including any claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, or infringement of moral rights, rights of publicity, or copyright.


Music Kids is at your service to answer your questions in a timely manner. For answers to 99% of common questions, please visit our Common Questions page. Please use the guidelines in the next three links to determine the appropriate person who can help you with your additional questions:

Your teacher functions as your primary point of contact for questions concerning scheduling and lessons.  To find your teacher’s email address, please visit Faculty and Staff. You will be able to communicate with your teacher by email and phone. Communicate with your teacher if:

  • You have questions about how and what to practice at home
  • You have concerns related to your lessons
  • You need clarification about obtaining needed materials
  • You need to give 24-hours notice for a student absence (see guidelines above)
  • You and another student have decided to permanently trade lesson times
  • You have any general scheduling needs
  • You have questions about how to prepare at home for group class
  • You have concerns related to your group class
  • You must miss a group class (see guidelines above)

Please do not raise any billing concerns with your teachers directly, as they are focused exclusively on your students’ learning experience.  Instead please see below for information about contacting Music Kids office staff.  We would be more than happy to assist you!

You and other parents may be able to exchange a wealth of wisdom on issues such as home practice, local concert events, and more!  Your teacher can help to connect you to other Music Kids Parents.

Music Kids Office Staff serve as the main point of contact for any questions about billing or for any inquiry not satisfactorily answered by your teacher. Communicate with us if:

  • You have questions about charges on your student account
  • You have questions about anything mentioned in this or any other MK document

You can contact us at or at 202-505-2341.

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