St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

Registration for St. Andrew students will open later this month!

Learning to play an instrument from a young age is such an amazing experience for kids. It’s a journey of confidence and self-discovery. The developmental impact that it has—neurologically, emotionally, and socially—is really quite unique and powerful. It’s our goal to make that experience fun for students and something doable for you as parents. Here’s a summary of the important points that most parents want to know: 

Music Kids is launching at St. Andrew Episcopal this year!
Sign up for Program Updates – Music Kids is bringing instrumental music classes, including violin, to students ages 3 and up at St. Andrew Episcopal School for the 2017-2018 school year! Student registration isn’t open just yet, but full program details and online registration will be open for St. Andrew students by later this month. Parents are encouraged to enroll in other activities of interest while Music Kids program details and scheduling are currently being finalized.

To express interest in the program in the meantime, and to be the first to know as soon as program details are available and registration is opened, please click the link below to express your interest. At the link below, you’ll also be able to let us know your instrument preferences (Violin/Piano/Guitar) and scheduling preferences (M-F), which we’re taking into consideration before registration is opened. Please click here to indicate preferences and sign up for program updates.

Back To School
Meet The Teachers – We’re looking forward to meeting you at upcoming St. Andrew Back To School events this fall! Please keep an eye out for us at Back To School events to meet the teachers and learn more about the program in person. Thanks for the interest and we’ll see you then!


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